The AIP Investment Facility Support Process

Formal request for support from the country submitted via AIP Support Request Form.


Rapid assessment of the needs for support, analysing current needs specific to identifying, prioritizing, preparing, or financing climate resilient projects in water and related sectors, followed by evaluation of potential and priority areas of support.


The Facility identifies potential support or resources from among the AIP Partners and investors.


Country-led capacity development plan and water investment programme or project is developed. On the basis of prioritised needs, available resources, and support committed by AIP partners, the Facility will work with potential recipients to design a capacity development plan for a blended investment project and/or programme. For countries requesting support on formulation of an investment programme or for multiple projects, discrete project capacity development plans will be accompanied by an overarching programmatic in-country capacity development plan to harness synergies, take advantage of economies of scale, and capitalize on strengthened, embedded in-country capacity.


Capacity development is implemented through hands-on country-led preparation of a blended water investment programme, project concept preparation support, including training in key priority areas defined to mobilise blended finance leveraging public-private finance.


Blended investment programme and project concept notes are submitted by the country to the Facility for review, integrity checks, compliance with ESG standards and safeguards, vetting and shared by the Facility with relevant investors collaborating with the AIP and existing project preparation facilities.


Recipients develop a full investment project with assistance from members of the AIP Blended Investment Facility or any other accredited entity nominated institution by the recipient. The AIP Investment Facility confirms the financing structure with recipients and deploys support once this is confirmed through existing financing mechanisms or other preferred financing mechanisms agreed with the client.


The AIP-PIDA Water Investment Scorecard is applied to track the efficiency of investments and transparency in use of financing deployed by the AIP Blended Investment Facility. Lessons learned in the preparation and implementation of successful blended investment water programmes and/or projects are harvested by the Facility for peer-peer learning with other countries and to inform further engagement – in-country, and among countries across Africa – in a dynamic manner.


Across all steps, the AIP Investment Facility fosters horizontal sharing of knowledge, best practices, and lessons to allow rapid adaption to in-country context and application to specific water projects.