The AIP Investment Facility Support Process

Formal request for support from the country submitted via email.


Rapid assessment of the needs for support, analysing current needs specific to identifying, prioritizing, preparing, or financing climate resilient GCF projects in water and related sectors, followed by evaluation of potential and priority areas of support.


The Facility identifies potential support or resources from among its member institutions including DEAs from other countries


Capacity Development Plan developed. On the basis of prioritised needs, available resources, and support committed by member institutions, the Facility will design a project capacity development plan. For countries requesting support on multiple projects, discrete project capacity development plans will be accompanied by an overarching programmatic in-country capacity development plan to harness synergies, take advantage of economies of scale, and capitalize on strengthened, embedded in-country capacity.


Capacity development implemented through hands-on project preparation support including training in key priority areas defined.


Project concept notes submitted by country to GCF for integrity checks and vetting


Countries develop full proposal with assistance from members of the Facility or any other GCF accredited entity nominated by the NDA


Lessons learned on preparing successful GCF water projects through both project-specific and programmatic in-country support will be harvested by the Facility to inform engagement – in-country, and among countries across Africa – in a dynamic manner.


Across all steps, the AIP Investment Facility fosters horizontal sharing of knowledge, best practices, and lessons to allow rapid adaption to in-country context and application to specific water projects.