By 2030, AIP is expected to leverage and influence $30 billion in climate resilience SDG 6 water investments and create at least 5 million jobs.

The impact of the AIP demonstrates the interlinked and interdependent nature of water investments on social and economic outcomes. Increased water investments result in improved economic and job opportunities, cooperation and peace, climate resilience among vulnerable communities, reduced incidences of water borne diseases, the protection of fragile ecosystems, reduction in migration and the displacement of communities.

Our 2030 impact targets

Regional and national water investment programmes are developed and implemented

The African Union governance framework for the water-energy-food-ecosystem Nexus is adopted

The Africa Water Investment Scorecard is developed and operationalised

The business case for water investments is strengthened

A Job Creation Toolkit developed and operationalised by African Union Development Agency

Gender transformative investments in water, climate and development are developed and integrated in national development and COVID-19 economic recovery plans

Bankable transboundary and national water projects are prepared and financing for them is leveraged

The delivery of critical water infrastructure accelerated, addressing the water-energy-food-ecosystems nexus and meeting the needs of water dependent growth sectors and the poor