AIP Governance and Coordination

The AIP is implemented by national governments, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), River Basin Organisations (RBOs), and other relevant national agencies. The programme is led by the African Union, through the Africa Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD), and implemented with technical support and backstopping from the AIP Technical Support Unit, which is hosted by Global Water Partnership Africa Coordination Unit in Pretoria, South Africa.

The AIP Steering Group provides strategic guidance and oversight to AIP implementation.

The AIP Steering Group is supported by the AIP Core Group led by AUDA-NEPAD and includes the African Ministers’ Council on Water, African Development Bank, World Bank Group, Development Bank of Southern Africa, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, Global Water Partnership Africa Cordination Unit, and other partners.

The AIP Technical Working Group, made up of AIP partners, provides technical expertise on AIP implementation, and the AIP Reference Group that provides independent reviews on AIP.

The AIP is backed by the International High-Level Panel on Water Investments for Africa, led by the African Union, with the goal of mobilising high-level political commitment and investments for the AIP. The AIP International Blended Investment Facility will be set up to mobilise and blend public-private finance to close the water investment gap in Africa.

 AIP Governance and Coordination Diagram

United Nations
African Union

International High-Level Panel
on Water Investments for Africa

Steering Group

AIP Core Group
and Secretariat

AIP Reference

AIP Technical
Working Group

AIP International Blended
Investment Facility

AIP Partners