Tanzania to launch US$15bn Water Investment Programme

by | Jun 22, 2023 | High-Level Panel, News

The Government of Tanzania will launch a US$15 billion national Water Investment Programme (TanWIP) later this year, with the goal of enhancing water security through the mobilisation of resources, fostering multi-sectoral collaboration, and promoting sustainable water management practices.

The TanWIP will invest US$15 billion in Tanzania’s water sector from 2023 to 2030 and will leverage technical and financial contributions from both the public sector and its partners. The programme is in alignment with the country’s SDG targets and long-term development goals. 

“The TanWIP is structured around four focus areas: water investment for social well-being and development; water governance and institutional strengthening; water investment for sustainable economic development; and resilience for sustainable development through water investments,” explained Engineer Nadhifa Kemikimba, Permanent Secretary in Tanzania’s Ministry of Water.  

The TanWIP is being developed with technical support from Global Water Partnership Tanzania and Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWPSA-Africa), which hosts the Secretariat of the AIP.

Over 300 million Africans do not have access to clean drinking water and over 700 million live without access to good sanitation. According to the African Development Bank, Africa’s population will reach 1.6 billion by 2030 and the continent will need to produce at least 50% more food to achieve food security. 

Approximately US$50 billion annually, or US$40 per African per year is required, to achieve water security and sustainable sanitation in Africa by 2030. Currently, only US$1019 billion is invested each year. 

“The High-level Panel on Water Investments in Africa has demonstrated in its landmark report, Africa’s Rising Investment Tide, that achieving water security and sustainable sanitation for all in Africa is possible by 2030 and is within the power of African leaders. It is commendable that more and more African states are developing their own water investment programmes,” said Mr. Alex Simalabwi, Executive Secretary – GWPSA-Africa and Director of the AIP.   

The Panel’s report outlines three pathways to secure an additional US$30 billion annually to achieve water security and sustainable sanitation in Africa by 2030 on the continent: 

  • Achieve more impactful water spending and financial leveraging 
  • Mobilise domestic resources 
  • Secure global and continental investment and finance 

The Panel proposes a 5-point Action Plan for Heads of State and governments, businesses, and global leaders, to support the implementation of the three actionable pathways. 

“Among others, the High-level Panel’s report advises that governments should increase public budgets and investments for water security; track progress and enhance mutual accountability for results in the mobilisation of water investments; mobilise new sources of funding and innovative finance; strengthen institutional regulation for water investments, and use Official Development Assistance to de-risk water investments,” said Mr. Simalabwi.  

Zambia & Zanzibar have already launched their Water Investment Programmes, while Botswana is in the process of developing its own.  

The President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, H.E. Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, formally launched the Zanzibar Water Investment Programme on 11 March 2022. The Programme will mobilise over USD 665.5 million between 2022-2027 towards securing clean and sustainable water supply for the island’s population and fast-growing economy. 

President H.E. Hakainde Hichilema launched the USD $5.75 billion Zambia Water Investment Programme on 16 July 2022, during the African Union 4th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting of Heads of State and Government in Lusaka, in partnership with the International High-Level Panel on Water Investments for Africa

Photo: Antony Trivet via Pexels